Our teaching method is not as traditional as other schools. I Speak Spanish Today LLC offers TPRS which stands for Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling.

TPRS concept is simple since that is easy, fun and productive. Students learn their second language in a natural way same as they learned their first. They pick up the language almost effortlessly, via revelatory or meaningful stories. They absorb what they hear and comprehend.

Spanish teacher Blaine Ray invented this method. He was concerned that his students were disinterested in the process of learning a language from a textbook. As consequence he started to use James Asher’s method TPR Total Physical Response to teach Spanish. However, he found that after hitting Asher’s method, he was unsure of what to do to move from the imperative to the narrative and descriptive modes of speech. Then, he began to change from commands to the third person singular allowed him to tell stories, a long-term memory technique. After that he asked students to act out the parts of the characters in the stories. As a result, an effective teaching method was created.

Therefore, at our Spanish school the most important element for a successful TPRS program is the awareness that our focus is our students, and not our books. We are confident that our students will learn Spanish in an easy, fun and productive way. Check us out for our Spanish classes, I Speak Spanish Today and You Can Too!